Picnic Treasure Hunt

Now that we are heading into perfect picnic whether, why not turn a typical picnic into a treasure hunting adventure? That's just what we did! We picked up a dinosaur fossil kit. One of us went a little ahead an buried the Dinosaur fossils and put the map in the bushes. Here is how our little adventure went. 

Is that a treasure map?
Yes it is!
 Go here to get or make your own.
After we ate lunch we looked into the bushes and there was something there...We walked over and Gavin couldn't believe his eyes! It was a treasure map!!!!

We followed the map...
First to a bush..then to the swings

then down the slide

then to the "sandbox"

AND THEN...we found the X

He dug...
and found
Bones?! A Dinosaur!!!!
Here it is all put together!

It was a fun, fun, day with my sister and her son (my gorgeous "big" man) Gavin!

What are you waiting for? GO! print out your treasure map and find the buried treasure!



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