SoYoung Product Review

Let me start by saying what originally attracted me to this brand was the Style. It was adorable, I needed lunchbox for my daughter and after a long search I fell in love with this and the fact that her lunch bag perfectly fit her Yumbox. Upon further research I learned their product are  PVC, Phthalate, Lead and BPA Free. Since the purchase of the lunchbox, I have gotten a Large cooler bag (for me), a Toddler backpack & Matching lunch bag, Sweat Proof  Ice Pack (large and small), as well as several other lunch boxes as gifts. One small cooler bag in particular is being used as a medical bag for a child with Diabetes.  I am going to review each product on its own, drawing a bit of the details straight from the site, plus my experience with them.


 Insulated Interior
 Machine washable (gentle)
 Easy clean removable insert
 Detachable long strap for wearing as messenger bag or backpack (47")
 PVC, Phthalate, Lead and BPA Free
 Extra back pocket for cutlery and love notes
Dimensions: 10"W x 7.5"H x 3"D

What I LOVE!

The long strap, can be looped and worn like a backpack.
It is durable.
It is cute.
It keeps thing nice and cool (with and ice pack of course)
I do like the removable insert, it make cleaning it out soooo much easier        
It actually fits a ton of food. A Yumbox plus some extra items
There is a pocket on the back for  whatever else you may need.

Don’t Love.
There really is only one thing and that is that the removable insert will only protect against spills if the Lunch box is on its side. Nothing really can be done about that except, make sure your liquids are in a spill proof container.

Problems: I have never had this problem, but some users commented on mold or funky smells developing from spills.

My experience
In this particular lunchbox I spilled, (yes, me), chicken noodle soup. I don’t know how it happened, but the way I dropped it on the bag most of the liquid feel right outside the liner. Thankfully it was a Friday and I was able to rinse it out with water and a teeny amount of soap. In the areas that it soaked in, mostly along seems, I completely saturated it with water, then with soapy water, then again with water. I hung it outside to dry in the sun and it was good as new. No mold ever developed, NO funky smells. This bag was used almost daily , including weekends, for over a year.  Here it is today.

I have an older version on this one and the newer version seems a bit bigger and has a feature I miss, which is the build in snap in the handle. I just makes it easy to strap on to things and free up a shoulder or a hand.

The Cooler Bag (Large and Small)


Coated linen exterior with fully insulated lining.
Detachable long strap for wearing as messenger bag or backpack (47")
Easy clean removable insert
Extra mesh back pocket
Care: wipe clean exterior, wash interior with warm soapy water.
PVC, Pthalate, and BPA Free
Dimensions: 8"W x 8.5"H x 5"D (Large)  /  7"W X 7.5"H X 4.5"D (small)

The Large is well, LARGE
I can fit my glass containers in it right side up
The liner is sealed and does very well holding spills
It can be worn anyway including backpack style
Durable…holy cow has it been durable

What I don’t love…
Insulation could be bit better, really there is not much of it at all… but as is, I am still very satisfied.
My experience…

This cooler bag has been through the ringer…it has been a trooper….seriously….How does it still look so good?

I used this as my Lunch bag for work daily. When I quit, my dad used it daily. He did not use ice packs in it. Do you know what he used? ICE? Just plain ol’ice cubes in the liner. By the end of the 12 hour day there was just cold water pooled on the bottom. Did it spill? No! Mold? No! Did it get discolored? No! Now, my husband uses it daily. On Weekends we go out as a family and we pack our lunches and our snacks in it. Lunch for the 3 of us fits in ONE bag!  Before my husband got  a new job, I would use it a lot to go to the park and have picnics with my daughter…now we use the LunchBox and her toddler lunch box. I secretly miss taking this one.

This is the one I gave as a gift to one of my students with diabetes. It fits all her medical supplies and papers she needs and the extras. She of course uses it every day and it goes with her everywhere. It still looks new.  All I can say is, that I have an older version on this one and the newer version seems a bit bigger, which is what my student has.

Here is it after 1.5 years of continuous use.

Toddler Backpack and Matching lunch bag

Ice packs

Dimensions: 8 x 5 large 6 x 3 small